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Hi, I’m Luke.

A technology strategist exploring the exciting intersection of technology and how it relates to business, writing, and creating.

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How Tech Is Influencing The Business World

Business is always changing. And technology has taken charge as the catalyst for these changes. It’s vital for everyone to be informed of innovations that could be affecting you and your business.

Find The Best Ai Tools On The Market

It’s no secret that Ai is taking over the internet. And with so many tools and software, it can be hard to navigate what the best products and services are. In this blog, we will break down the best Ai tools for ALL industries.

Writing & Design Tips

Technology is drastically affecting our everyday lives within the writing and design world. Throughout the blog, I will show how you can take advantage of the best writing and design tips to improve your writing, video, and social media content.

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Hi, I’m Luke!

A former collegiate athlete turned tech nerd.

I am a published author having written over 600+ pages of content over the last 6 years.

Currently, I am in the SAAS tech space working closely with software development. I have also started multiple online businesses where I taught a mentored over 15,000 people from 60+ different countries.

 Whether you’re looking for a unique analysis of the impact of AI, reviews of the latest software tools, and digital resources, or insights into the ways that technology is changing business, you’ll find it all here!

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